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hey guys!

2010-04-14 03:50:01 by Bananasandoranges

Hey guys, sorry about the colour on my latest art:
Rubber Ducky i'll try and fix it

Portal Defenders!

2010-04-12 06:58:04 by Bananasandoranges

I have a cheat for portal defenders,
if you don't already know it it's called KONAMI
and what you have to do is:
at the loading page enter the following
arrows up up down down left right left right
hope i helped

Hi everybody!

2010-04-11 09:15:12 by Bananasandoranges

Hi everybody,
This is my very first post and i'm not really
an expert on all of this stuff but i just wanted
to tell you guys that soon i'll have some art up
P.S i promise!